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Morini factory

Company specializing in home gaming,
dedicated to excellence in quality of manufacturing as well as games

Already some years we work in the industry of furniture, before we made supplement of furniture and then we specialized in game tables.

Why this change?

We have seen that people more and more discover the value of family and friendship. Thanks of game tables they can organize at home evenings with friends, after supper they can clear away plates and knifes and forks and they finish evening sit at the game table.

We have seen that everybody likes the play and the play helps to create other friend’s relations.

Especially in the ugly autumn and winter days, when outside it is very cold, it rains or snows, game table helps to drive away the tedium.

From where is game table born?

Already in the antiquity existed tables used to sessions and drinking tea. Tables were with chessboard and green cloth. Tables developed with time according to needs and wishes of people as far as it grown up to those tables we can see today.

We have looked for sizes, style and rules of play and we have also studied the way to put in one table roulette, green cloth, Black-jack, chess, draughts and backgammon, and in the same time we have not forgotten the aesthetics and function.

Why more plays in one table?

To give the possibility to change every day game and to satisfy the requests of all.

To give the possibility to people who has not big spaces and wants to have at home his little “Casino”.

Game tables only for home?

In the last time we have studied a new line useful for bars, groups of the enthusiasts, pensions and hotels. These have seen the necessity to amuse their guests above all in the ugly days when is impossible to go out. And so we have created tables and chairs more suitable and more comfortable to play. These tables and chairs helped to create room for breakfast and then sometimes to reshuffle this hall into the elegant and comfortable hall, where it is possible to play with family and where maybe new friendships can born.

Why buy our tables?

Because it is a first-rate furniture made from good materials and made by expert artisan’ s hands – this furniture is possible to see in the old little shops.

Because it joins function, facilities and play into one small space which certainly you will find in your nice home.

Because we are producers, it means, that we project, develop, realize and sell our products and so you can have following privileges, namely, that:

you will receive all the information in most short time;

you will obtain best prices in the market and high quality;

you can have prompt and effective service;

you will be sure to have shortest term of delivery you can have the possibility to choose products according to your idea and wish.

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